Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a LOT about Sachertorte and a very charming old town, but also about bucket list goal pretty book places.

On very top of my list is a small bookshop named  Księgarnia Polska w Wiedniu with polish books and literature. The shop is every booklover’s dream – cosy, small, shelves of books up to the ceiling with an eye-catching spiracle staircase. The atmosphere of this place is familiar like everyone entering feels home immediately.



Vienna’s university library looks like out of a Harry Potter movie. All Potterheads out there should make sure to see this place with their own eyes at least once in their life. But make sure to not disturb the students, they may have a lot of work to do or finals. You need to lock away your personal stuff, like big bags and jackets before going in. Also the rest of this building is amazing, i highly recommend to stay a while and have a coffee to feel the atmosphere of this place. The university is the oldest in the german speaking world and offers guided tours in English (€5, every Saturday, 11.30am).











777  This bookstore owned by Dieter Würch transports you immediately into another time – the time before online selling was king, when books were the only escape from a crazy world around you. It has a large selection and can also order you everything you need. True literary friends stay loyal to this wonderful place.


This library in one word description would probably be IMPRESSIVE! The ceremonial room at the glorious Austrian National Library is particularly wonderful, not just for its huge collection of literary works, but also an incredible building. The globes standing next to the historic bookshelves give some more Harry Potter vibes, you can almost see Hermione strolling around grabbing a book. This place is made for a family visit when it’s raining cats and dogs and a city walk not so affordable. More information here