Malmö’s bookish paradise

When thinking of Malmö i didn’t expect a bookish city at all, but got surprised a lot. There is this IMMENSE contrast of Malmö’s huge, modern public library and small intimate bookshops.

The public library is hidden behind a historic front building and goes beyond a bright glass complex with an extraordinary high window front.

Inside you are privileged to sit down for your studies in small boxes with wify and electricity connection, but you can also sit in the middle of this impressive hall and read a book. 

Stop a second and keep up your head – you gonna be amazed by the view out of the windows at any season. The trees and the park behind do its magic. What a brilliant combination and we all know how important it is for our eyes to stare in the distance for some minutes. 

Beside this must-see you shouldn’t miss ‚Bokfinken-Antikvariat & Kuriosa‘ too. This very cute secondhand bookshop is family owned and deserves a visit of every booklover who lives nearby or visits Malmö as tourist. We spent some time at this antiquarian bookstore because it has so many different books to offer and also a children’s corner what is practical when go visit with your little ones to have some time yourself for browsing books. We got some english travel books, but also a german edition of Pippi Langstrumpf. I never leave a bookshop without buying at least one book. This place isn’t far from the public library, so make sure to combine these two opposites and get the maximum for your bibliophile heart.