It’s true, these days you need to go ONLINE with your bookstore otherwise you may skip a very high number of potential buyers of your books. But don’t worry – creating an optical pleasing instagram account for your bookstore business is NOT a secret at all. The first thing you need are beautiful pictures, that let the instagram user stop and leave a like or even better save the post to come back to it one day and visit your shop in real life. In the past you needed to organize and pay a photographer, but now it’s so EASY. All you have to do is searching for a content creator or so called influencer who takes the pictures, is able to edit them properly and uploads them to his instagram account himself. Couldn’t be easier for you these days, just saying! Like that, most of them share their pictures under the correct geotag of your bookshop and make the visible for other people searching your bookshop’s geotag.They find these eye-catching pictures and decide to go for a visit. Win-win.
Second, you need to write all important information to your instagram biography, so all visitors of your page see them immediately. Important information are opening hours or now online delivery, a phone number, email address and so on. 
If you have no aesthetically pleasing pictures at all, write me an email and let’s discuss how i can help you. I offer you to edit your pictures in an instagramable way, so everyone goes crazy and wants to visit your shop! My email is
Don’t worry i am content creator since many years and worked with some high class brands, but even more important – i made some small shops INSTA FAMOUS by taking outstandingly beautiful pictures of shops which have never been online before. Like that a picture can go viral in the internet and you are seen!
Check the examples above and below.
Don’t miss the opportunity to promote your bookshop on instagram, it’s for free and the so called bookstagram community is one of the biggest of the whole instagram scene. The hashtag #bookstagram reached lately over 40 million pictures. This is quite a number!