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It’s true, these days you need to go ONLINE with your bookstore otherwise you may skip a very high number of potential buyers of your books. But don’t worry – creating an optical pleasing instagram account for your bookstore business is NOT a secret at all. The first thing you need are beautiful pictures, that let the instagram user stop and leave a like or even better save the post to come back to it one day and visit your shop in real life. In the past you needed to organize and pay a photographer, but now it’s so EASY. All you have to do is searching for a content creator or so called influencer who takes the pictures, is able to edit them properly and uploads them to his instagram account himself. Couldn’t be easier for you these days, just saying! Like that, most of them share their pictures under the correct geotag of your bookshop and make the visible for other people searching your bookshop’s geotag.They find these eye-catching pictures and decide to go for a visit. Win-win.
Second, you need to write all important information to your instagram biography, so all visitors of your page see them immediately. Important information are opening hours or now online delivery, a phone number, email address and so on. 
If you have no aesthetically pleasing pictures at all, write me an email and let’s discuss how i can help you. I offer you to edit your pictures in an instagramable way, so everyone goes crazy and wants to visit your shop! My email is
Don’t worry i am content creator since many years and worked with some high class brands, but even more important – i made some small shops INSTA FAMOUS by taking outstandingly beautiful pictures of shops which have never been online before. Like that a picture can go viral in the internet and you are seen!
Check the examples above and below.
Don’t miss the opportunity to promote your bookshop on instagram, it’s for free and the so called bookstagram community is one of the biggest of the whole instagram scene. The hashtag #bookstagram reached lately over 40 million pictures. This is quite a number!

Vienna is not only about Sissi

There are a few cities i can highly recommend for a short weekend trip around Europe and one of them is definitely the capital of Austria, Vienna. This city is not small, but manageable to explore by foot and bike what is always important for me when i only stay for a short time. But over the top, Vienna’s public transport system is very good and you can always skip a 30 minute walk and take the bus or tram instead.









I know my  must-see list is a bit packed, so please don’t do all of the recommended things in only one weekend, but pick your personal favorites. The relaxing part in between is what makes a weekend trip unforgettable. On every bloggers top to-do list you’ll find the Stephansdom for a good reason – the Stephansdom is a gothic cathedral in Vienna, noted for its beautifully colored roof. It’s a photography highlight. You can take a guided tour of the cathedral, the catacombs, and one of the towers.

While exploring the old town you will for sure pass by Hofburg Vienna where you immediately feel like entering a time machine thanks to the carriages and horses lined up in front of the building.



The Viennese institution par excellence, the coffee house is far more than a place to drink coffee and to enjoy guilt-inducing slices of cake or a Kaiserschmarrn (cut-up and sugared pancake with raisins). I must confess i only visited Cafe Central because of its very photogenic appearance outside and inside. The ceiling is amazing, it has still an old-world glory and charm.


















The one thing i need you to promise me you try this out is a darkly rich chocolate cake with a slither of apricot jam in the middle, decorated with a shimmering mirror glaze and icing in an italic script.Their recipe is a closely guarded secret and Café Sacher is undoubtedly one of the best places to sample this coveted dessert.

Be prepared – there is usually a long queue at the door. BUT i tell you, please visit The Blaue Bar which is Sacher’s own sophisticated little retreat within the hotel. It’s more or less a secret tip and also where i enjoyed my first piece of original Sachertorte followed by a very good Gin Tonic.

Another cafe i tell you to go is near one of the bookshops i stopped by … SO MUCH COSINESS! And shopping possibility.

My bestie and I were craving some sugar and stopped by Donuteria where we spoiled ourselves with a big box of these candied treasures and took them with us to the hotel. What a bloody good idea. The very best we’ve ever tried!

If you are a sweet teeth and need some more deliciousness , please make sure to try out veganista ice cream. Fancy, handcrafted, hyper tasty and a pretty ice cream parlour.


for my book recommendations please visit .. link


Malmö, Sweden

Honestly, this city has never been on top of my bucket list, until my husband asked me to visit Sweden during our summer holidays. I got immediately trapped by its irresistible beauty when i  did some research about the South of Sweden. From there on, i couldn’t wait to travel to this part of the world.

We stayed 5 days in Malmö and 8 more in the area Skane and i must say i don’t regret this decision for a second! The mixture of city and the slow countryside living has been perfect for relaxed summer holidays. Let’s start with Malmö suggestions. Malmö can easily be explored on foot or by bike. The city has a number of interesting neighborhoods, each with their own unique characteristics that are worth exploring.

My favorites are:

Definitley Gamla Staden – Malmo’s historic district. Among the top of the list is Lilla Torg, which means little square. This square contains some of the oldest buildings in Malmo, which can be enjoyed while sipping a coffee at one of its many outdoor places. The square dates back to the 1500’s and was originally intended and is still sometimes today used as a marketplace. If you want a taste of historic Swedish architecture, this is the place to go. Just around the corner of this place is Noir Kaffeekultur, where you get VERY good coffee and cakes, small dishes and so on. It’s utterly picturesque and cosy. We had a slice of citrus cake and cappuccino there. Stayed for hours, when baby girl slept in her stroller.

On the other side of the same street is another charming café named Eida what i can only recommend. Both have outdoor chairs and tables.

Cafe Eida
Cafe Eida

Make sure to visit Malmo Saluhall at least once – it’s an indoor market with beautiful interior. You find everything you wish for when hungry!!

Malmo has unexpected pretty flower shops. I visited the most beautiful tiny flower shop Florista. It’s one of the places I had been eyeing for  a while. I had the pleasure of meeting the sweet owner Sophie and also her dog. The shop is about locally sourced flowers with more of a natural and wild basis, which is exactly what I adore. Sophies floral wreaths are eye-catcher you shouldn’t miss when you are in town. She shows a lot of her work via instagram here Florista

In summer you can jump in the water from fix installed platforms right in the middle of the city. The inhabitants go for a swim every late afternoon after work. There you also get a glimpse of the Oresundsbron Bridge. This five mile long rail and motorway bridge (the longest in Europe) was made famous by the Scandinavian TV crime thriller The Bridge and unites Sweden and Denmark. One of the best things about visiting Malmo is the ability to hop across the sea over to Denmark. Set just 30 minutes by train across the water is Copenhagen. We had a delicious outdoor lunch at La Bonne Vie this is next to Florista and also not far away from the famous public library (link).


Stockholm Old Town Vibes

Sweden - Stockholm Old Town Vibes (c) Johanna Häusler

Stockholm is a vibrant cities with two different sides – on the one hand it’s filled with old gingerbread houses, vintage shops, history and on the other hand it’s modern, loud, full of culture diversity and colors. I really like the mixture of both sides and didn’t imagined it to be as beautiful as it really is. Of course i was hunting the best cinnamon buns in town and found them by..

This is a very cute small bakery with a floor of beautiful tiles and a little bench in front of the shop to sit down and have a coffee with your still warm oven roasted bun.









I highly recommend a visit of the old town (Gamla Stan!) of Stockholm, it’s so beautiful i promise you won’t take down your camera.  For me the most photogenic streets  are Prästgatan and Mårten Trotzigs Gränd. You find also great lunch spots in Gamla Stan or you chose to dine in an outdoor café in Stortorget, a scenic square just a few minutes walk from the Royal Palace.

Another suggestion i have for you – forget the cash. Expect to pay everything by card.

What impressed me the most was a boat drive around the archipelagos off the coast of Stockholm. I never saw more beautiful swedish houses next to the water and witnessed an amazing sunrise. So many people living on their own island. Isn’t that just luxury?

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