Stockholm, Sweden

This city offers not only good food and beautiful alleys, but also pretty book places to die for.


One place is for me the most incredible library at ALL times, the Stockholm Public Library also known as Stadsbibliotek. For the archilovers some detailed information about this building: It’s designed by Swedish architect Gunnar Asplund in 1922 and completed in 1928. The library is one of the city’s most notable structures and is replete with a majestic rotunda that provides a unique cylindrical hall. You find also an impressive clock on one of the floors and some benches to sit down and enjoy a book in the middle of the hall. This impressive monument to modern functional design is home to more than 2 million printed volumes. Can you believe that??

The library houses over 2 million books, in over 100 languages including Thai, Spanish and Russian. But if I’m being honest, this library is more about the photo opportunity. Trust me, your Instagram followers will appreciate it.

The other masterpiece you couldn’t miss when in Stockholm is the National Library of Sweden, where they collect, preserve and make available almost everything that is published in Sweden. It’s also known as Kunglia BiblioteketFind the royal library in Humlegården in Östermalm.


There are visitors very welcome, but you need to take off your coat and backpacks and lock them before going in.  Free lockers available! You don’t need to pay anything. No wonder this hyper impressive library has been the King’s personal library and is now the National Library of Sweden. Today, the National Library is both a library and a government agency. Super interesting!

(Perhaps the most fascinating work in the collections is The Devil’s Bible. It’s the world’s largest surviving medieval manuscript measuring at around 90cm in height and 50cm wide. It is worth visiting the library just for this!) 



Here are two of the best bookstores in Stockholm you should definitely make space in the diary for.

I lost my heart to Söderbokhandeln Hansson & Bruce by second one. This shop is one of Stockholm’s oldest bookstores on Götgatsbacken. Lets sum it up – books up to the high ceiling and a wonderful cosy atmosphere. There is a vintage couch in the back where you can sit down and get lost in a good book. They also host regularly events like seminars and discussions with authors which are very popular.

Another beautiful antiquarian bookshop i can only recommend is Rönnells Antikvariat. Two floors full of antiquarian books. The shop is a staple of Stockholm’s literary scene since 1929. It owns a huge collection of secondhand books, oddities and also out of print rarities. It specializes in art, fiction and academic literature and has on occasion auctioned the private collections of famous authors. Swoooooon!