Stockholm Old Town Vibes

Sweden - Stockholm Old Town Vibes (c) Johanna Häusler

Stockholm is a vibrant cities with two different sides – on the one hand it’s filled with old gingerbread houses, vintage shops, history and on the other hand it’s modern, loud, full of culture diversity and colors. I really like the mixture of both sides and didn’t imagined it to be as beautiful as it really is. Of course i was hunting the best cinnamon buns in town and found them by..

This is a very cute small bakery with a floor of beautiful tiles and a little bench in front of the shop to sit down and have a coffee with your still warm oven roasted bun.









I highly recommend a visit of the old town (Gamla Stan!) of Stockholm, it’s so beautiful i promise you won’t take down your camera.  For me the most photogenic streets  are Prästgatan and Mårten Trotzigs Gränd. You find also great lunch spots in Gamla Stan or you chose to dine in an outdoor café in Stortorget, a scenic square just a few minutes walk from the Royal Palace.

Another suggestion i have for you – forget the cash. Expect to pay everything by card.

What impressed me the most was a boat drive around the archipelagos off the coast of Stockholm. I never saw more beautiful swedish houses next to the water and witnessed an amazing sunrise. So many people living on their own island. Isn’t that just luxury?

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